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She is a Japan culture lover! She craves for Japanese shonen anime, J-pop songs, and Japanese food is her favorite, ranging from sushi, udon noodles, onigiri and the list goes on. She spent her free time drawing anime characters, and learning Japanese language.

Has a huge obsession on the word or her nickname Chrome. Her nickname is inspired by her favourite character, Takagi Chrome from Chrome Breaker, and her favourite internet browser all the time, Google Chrome.

Born in her hometown Malacca, Malaysia, she spent her two decades of life living and studying in her hometown. She spent her 5 years of secondary school life at SMK Canossa Convent Melaka (Canossa Convent Secondary School), and graduated with STPM qualification from SMK Tinggi Melaka (Malacca High School).

Currently a student studying Chemical Engineering with a minor in Pharmaceutical Science, her second choice at National University of Singapore. Why Chem Eng? Because she was found physically unfit to take up Architecture (too bad 😦 ). She is determined to survive and fight against the steep bell curve, despite riding on the rough waves of curriculum structure and peer competition.

A tomboy who loves exploring herself in different field of activities! Even though she is an engineering student with logical thinking and investigative abilities, at the same time she is a creative and innovative person who indulges herself in the world of arts, ranging from drawing, to writing fictional stories/lifestyles. She has a passion in photography, she took occasional and random moments, including breathtaking scenery, landscape photos, close-up shoots, and capturing the soul of the performers during concerts using a DSLR and a smartphone.

Wanting to spend her life at her best, she continues learning new things in her different stages of life. She started venturing out of her comfort zone, like a matured eagle leaving from her mother’s protection to soar high in the sky. She started dancing, a type of cultural arts which requires full control of body and soul. Before she embark her journey in NUS, she wouldn’t give a damn on it. However she realised that dancing can speed up a person’s growth.

She also took up certain challenges such as becoming the EXCO committee of certain student bodies. She learnt a lot of stuffs, such as leadership, event organising and time management. She learnt to optimise between the activities and the rigorous study life. She went on to overcome the barrier of shyness by taking up public speaking.

She is also willing to contribute back to the society. She volunteered in a few activities, such as Relay For Life Malaysia, Project Campvision Singapore, ChariTeach, and many more to come. She wants the public to have more awareness in people around us who are more unfortunate, she also aspires to improve the overall life quality of the community.

She has strong beliefs in Buddhism. A devoted buddhist but respect other religions as well. Strong believes in the concept of karma, which means “What you sow is what your reap”. She occasionally meditates to calm down her mind but her emotions are still beyond control when things went wrong.

She is also a very determined and diligent person. She will channel in her 100% effort on whatever she does. She will not give up easily, and she is resilient. She learnt from her mistakes, and she will become stronger everytime she falls. Sometimes her action acts faster than her mind, once decided on something, she will execute it.

She is also a strategist. She loves planning, like planning her 4 years of academic schedule, planning on what to do during 3-month vacation period, planning the contents for her upcoming yet unknown novel, and many more.

Current goals: Score flying colours in uni, going for Students Exchange Program, finding a reliable person/friend in Singapore 🙂

Lifelong goals: Give a meaningful speech in front of public, publish a self-written novel

The girl we are talking about is: The mastermind of this blog- Shu Ching, also known with her 10-year old username scgoh123.


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