Chinese Oldies: The Forgotten Treasure (Part #1)

Nowadays almost no one talk about Chinese Oldies anymore. It's pretty sad when the youngsters only know about modern Chinese singers and knew nothing about the oldies singer, only knowing the name "邓丽君" without knowing who she is. Perhaps I am one of the odd balls who favour oldies from 70-80 era instead of modern … Continue reading Chinese Oldies: The Forgotten Treasure (Part #1)


Drawings Corner

A sharing of my drawing journey from year 2011. I took crayon classes when I was in primary school, and due to my interest, I self learnt drawing since then. 🙂 2011, "Wizard Girl" 2012, "Thank you Teacher" 2013, "Yearning for Freedom" 2014 "Seraph with a Harp: Shinoda Marino Fanart" 2015: "Fortune in a Bag" … Continue reading Drawings Corner

4th Jan 2018: Blessings

Things happening around us can be counted as blessings. Sometimes bad things, or failures are considered "a blessing in disguise". Because of me falling to rock bottom in my life, that means the only way to go is going upwards right? 🙂 I read an excerpt from a book titled "Why You Should Fail" written … Continue reading 4th Jan 2018: Blessings

New Year, New Resolution

2017 done and dusted, time to set up a bucket list for year 2018! ...with a different approach this time round. Instead of listing out a chunk of stuffs, I would like to categorize them as main and sub goals. Main Goal of the Year: Achieve a state of zen between my pleasure and responsibilities. In … Continue reading New Year, New Resolution

Finally, the roller-coaster year is coming to an end.

2017. A lot of things had happened. The inauguration of Donald Trump as the President of United States. Increased tension of North Korea. Breakdown and overhaul of Singapore MRT system. The inauguration of Halimah Yaacob as the President of Singapore. Unexpected death of Jonghyun, member of SHINee who had committed suicide. But for me, 2017 … Continue reading Finally, the roller-coaster year is coming to an end.

My journey of STPM #3: Resilience

(Continue from part 2) Back to the reality. I think I have to settle down in Form Six now. Not because of having no other choices,  but... I got something that I don't even want it. My last scholarship interview of year 2014 was with Sime Darby. Actually what they offered wasn't what I want … Continue reading My journey of STPM #3: Resilience