Movie Review: More than Blue (Taiwanese Movie 2018)

"Once we get used to loneliness, that's something sadder than mere sadness." -K (Zhang Zhe Kai 张哲凯) Came across this movie when some of my friends posted on Instagram, saying that it's a stronger tear-making machine than the 2015 movie "Our Times (我的少女时代)" and the 2011 movie "You are the Apple of My Eyes(那些年,我们一起追的女孩)". And... Continue Reading →


2018: A sorrowful year under veils of peaceful days

A few days before the end of year 2018. It has been a tiring year for me. Not physically, but mentally exhausted. I felt like I had been building a sandcastle that will just crumble over time. Even though I had made efforts to preserve it as much as I can, the results had never... Continue Reading →

My journey of STPM #4: Distance

PS: This is a dark and gloomy post, and might offend readers unintentionally. Please leave immediately if you are not comfortable reading this. PSSS: This is a continuation of my journey of STPM life: My journey of STPM #3: Resilience Before I start my story, I would like to narrate a story, from others' perspective:... Continue Reading →

Anime Review #8: Violet Evergarden

What is "love"? I don't understand. But... why tears kept rolling out from my eyes uncontrollably? ——Violet Evergarden Labelled as the "blockbuster" of the anime produced by Kyoto Animation, Violet Evergarden was aired via Netflix at the beginning of year 2018. The trailer had been emphasizing how superb the quality of the animation is, and... Continue Reading →

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