12th July 2018: A Kickstart on a Milestone

Firstly, so sorry for not hearing me for a very long time! Because I was on a very low-tide period, constantly facing internal conflicts, and was on the verge of giving up. But I promise I will be updating more blog posts soon! 🙂 Secondly, I'm here to declare two things: I am going to... Continue Reading →


Anime Review #7: Ray the Animation

Perhaps you've heard of Black Jack, the genius doctor who save lives. But what if there's a similar doctor, a woman with additional specific ability who was inspired by Black Jack? Ray: The Animation matched exactly with the description above. Ray: The Animation is adapted from the Manga "Ray" by Yoshitomi Akihito. He is known... Continue Reading →

24th February 2018: Pop Team Epic

Pop Team Epic is an anime with unique drawing styles airing in 2018. Its surrealism had related my experiences on CAC+US performance this year. Ironically, after struggling with my internal emotions, I'd made a last minute decision- go and watch the performance. After all, I am the only person suffering from the forever pain of... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Assay

(Came across daily prompt again in the homepage of wordpress.com. Actually I don't really follow the daily prompts in wordpress unless there's a theme which 'clicks'.) Initially I thought "assay" means experiments to determine the protein concentration (sorry I studied too much biology), but when I googled it, it has different meaning which is "attempt".... Continue Reading →

19th Jan 2018: Shock

After having lessons at Engin, I met my junior who is interested to become a RA (Resident Assistant). I explained to her about the jobscopes and roles of a RA, and secretly did a small mock interview on her, so that I can gauge her strengths and weaknesses in case I want to write a... Continue Reading →

4th Jan 2018: Blessings

Things happening around us can be counted as blessings. Sometimes bad things, or failures are considered "a blessing in disguise". Because of me falling to rock bottom in my life, that means the only way to go is going upwards right? 🙂 I read an excerpt from a book titled "Why You Should Fail" written... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Resolution

2017 done and dusted, time to set up a bucket list for year 2018! ...with a different approach this time round. Instead of listing out a chunk of stuffs, I would like to categorize them as main and sub goals. Main Goal of the Year: Achieve a state of zen between my pleasure and responsibilities. In... Continue Reading →

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